2️Pre-Launch & Post-Launch Plans

Pre-Launch & Post-Launch:

Launch will begin with no high tax or any other unnecessary tactics often seen during most fair-launches. Immediately following launch, the volume bots will begin operations. The basics will be covered PRE-LAUNCH or IMMEDIATELY following, including:

-Dextools information update

-CoinMarketcap and Coin Gecko listings

-Contractual agreements with CEX based on private sale raise amount (Bitmart, Polyniex, MEXC, Huobi will be first targets—in that order) and on-boarding of market makers for both DEX and CEX trading.

-Billboards in all lower 48 states of U.S.A+key crypto-friendly cities globally

-Ads on Dextools, ave.ai, Social medias and all niche coin tracking charts and crypto-friendly advertising spaces via Coinzilla or other respective advertising companies.

-Tier 1-4 Telegram KOL channel and Twitter influencer support

-NYC QR code campaign lasting through the first month of launch

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