8️How To Buy

Here are the steps to buy FIRST $SIRIUS on Uniswap:

  1. Connect Your Ethereum Wallet: First, connect your Ethereum wallet that holds ETH to Uniswap by clicking on the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right corner of the Uniswap homepage.

  2. Find/Add $SIRIUS Token: Once your wallet is connected, click on the "Select a Token" button on the Uniswap homepage. Type "$SIRIUS" in the search bar or paste the contract address (0x...) in the search bar to find the $SIRIUS token.

  3. Swap ETH for $SIRIUS: Goto to the Uniswap homepage and select the $SIRIUS token. Enter the amount of ETH you want to swap for $SIRIUS, and then click on the "Swap" button. Confirm the transaction on your wallet and wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the Ethereum network.

Note: When buying $SIRIUS on Uniswap, make sure to pay attention to the transaction fees, as they can be quite high during times of high network congestion. Also, always make sure to double-check the contract address and the amount you are sending before confirming the transaction.

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