7️More Than A Meme!

$SIRIUS is more than just a meme-coin or a 'larp'. While it is a meme-coin and does pay homage to the beginnings of crypto as we know it, there are developments in place that will be coupled with the advanced marketing techniques to not only bring adoption, but to bring value:

'SIRIUS (Martin Malmi) was the person who set the first monetary USD value of Bitcoin, so 'FIRST Launchpad' will be the application that sets the price for many Ethereum tokens to come.

$SIRIUS token will be the native token of 'FIRST Launchpad' and will be used in every way. Project owners or founders will be able to opt to choose to use either $SIRIUS or the equivalent in $ETH to initiate their own presale launch. FIRST launchpad will also offer a token and LP locker for both native presales of the Launchpad or any ERC20 token.

-Pay in $SIRIUS or $ETH equivalent to lock their tokens or LP.

-The project pays 1% of overall tokens available for the presale to the FIRST Launchpad platform.

-Automated advertising that will need to be approved before being pushed live to the launchpad site.

-Dashboard for tracking your contributions to all presales and to keep track of all live presales.

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